At RiverWILD, We Put People First

Whether it’s building houses, growing farm-to-table goods, or volunteering up the street, we’re in it for the community – because that’s the WILD way.

The WILD Impact

RiverWILD is a leadership and investment company that impacts and develops people. We do that by leveraging a people-first approach that we call “the WILD way.” With a will to win for our clients and a heart for the community, we invest in relationships first.







What Drives Us

You’ll find us at the intersection of faith and business, where savvy industry acumen meets servant-hearted leadership. It’s personal around here; we live in the community where we work and are deeply invested in building something worth continuing.

“This place has changed my entire view of what a successful company should look like. It’s not measured in just production, profits and goals. At the end of the day it’s about impacting the lives of people out in our communities and in our homes. To me, an environment like that is priceless.”

“I love my WILD work family! At RiverWILD, my managers and coworkers truly care about me both professionally and personally. I feel empowered to do my job and to do it well, knowing that we are all working towards achieving the same goal.”


This is not your standard internship. From hands-on learning in the field and the office, to networking workshops with leaders and executives, our robust internship program impacts and develops our future generations and provides them an unforgettable summer experience.

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