Tractor Supply

We were hired by WIMCO to do turnkey site development for the new Tractor Supply Company in Clayton, NC. The scope of work included site grading activities, utilities, curb & gutter, stone, and asphalt. Work area included the TSC property and offsite on HWY 42.

We worked hand in hand with WIMCO on workflow and sequence to accommodate the construction of Tractor Supply. We were able to implement a plan for the road widening portion that was delayed due to weather. The plan was executed and the project was able to have the grand opening as scheduled, despite winter weather and rain challenges.

We also converted an onsite wet pond into a bio pond during the rainiest part of the year. We worked from sun up to sun down 7 days a week for the owner to get the job done on time. Our team completed as-builts while the pond was being built to insure there were no concerns about the finished product and pond was being built perfectly to detail.